Account Migration: Old account busted?

Mods: Please move this to whatever forum, if this one isn’t appropriate for it.

I’ve finally managed to get back in on here, only to find my legacy account has become disconnected, and I have no access to my posting history.

I assume that this is by design rather than by accident.
A side effect of this measure is that one cannot now find individual posts searched by poster ID by doing a general internet search for them. This disconnects the topics being discussed on this board from the wider internet, which is a form of censorship by my reckoning. A similar thing can be achieved by putting a public board behind a paywall or make it a CUG (closed user group) so that the outside world hasn’t a clue what gets discussed here. The result is the same, however: Censorship.

I’d like to state formally on here that I do NOT give the owners of this board the right to erase my legacy posts, nor cancel my posting ID and History. If that is the desired outcome of this seemingly unneccesary “Board Upgrade”, then it is time for the powers that have ordered it to face up to their own hidden agendas for “shaking the tree to see what falls out” as seems to have happened here. I also don’t see it as coincidence that this year is an election year both sides of the pond. I am dismayed by yet more “Internet Overreach” as close to home as it has ever come by this point.

I stand by everything I’ve said in the past, right or wrong. There should be no need to “go back and delete offending posts” as I’ve always seen that as knuckling under to Deep State Will.

It is also no coincidence that political posts made on other boards by others like myself that are “Right of Karl Marx” are also routinely taken down by “bot Moderators” running on those sites. Again, NOT a good look for this, and election year that decides the future of humanity on this, the only planet where it exists as far as we know.


The best way to avoid going to Hell for both Believer and Atheist alike - is to alter course once you know you’re on the road TO it.


I have to agree that long standing members of this site appear to mean nothing to this new site, I had been a member of the original Trucknet for almost 20 years and right now that means nothing to this new concotion. I was very happy with the old Trucknet and understood how it worked and found it easy to navigate, now I am lost. Please admin, let us have the Old Timers back with the old site. OK so you might need to shift it to a new host but that really is not a big deal with the guys that know how.

As a shortcut to a section you have posted on, assuming you`re on a home computer not a phone,
Go to home page, if unsure tap the TN name top left
On the left border there should be a short column. If not there tap the 3 bars left of the TN name.
Tap on my posts and you will get to where you posted previously.
Tapping on the 3 bars again will close down the menu to enlarge the useful screen.

If you want to explore further there are some hints here but no need if not interested New site 2024

just to add if you want to see any post you started before the migration then click on the sub heading topics at the top of the screen.

I agree though the old profile used to show all your posts regardless of if you had started the topic or not. and there doesn’t seem to be a way of searching the forum by id

scratch that yes there is…

on a desktop click on the magnifying glass top right then click on the three bars in the drop down box that appears that takes you to the advanced search page where you can search by user id. I tried your name winseer and it showed me posts from 2013 so they are still there

So let me get this straight: The numerous problems with the old forum (ie being offline a lot) were a smokescreen to bring in the new forum, specifically to hinder YOU waffling your bat-excrement crazy ideas to the wider world, because you’re on a mission to save the planet? :joy:

I already knew you were narcissistic in the extreme, but you seem to have ramped it up exponentially while TN was offline.

Narcissists gonna narcissist.

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the forum appears to be slowly but surely finding its way back to the path of normalcy

I dunno about everyone else, but the site seems to have been down for the past week again, and only come up (for me at least) today.

Could we possibly have a mission statement from the management please?

I may have confirmational bias here, but I can’t see what else gets achieved by all this chopping and changing about as it stands…

Not wanting increase your natural paranoia, but the site has been working fine for the rest of us, apart from the colour scheme glitches of the past day or two.

It was offline for me for about a week. I’ve been able to reply via email during that time though.
The website itself - just came up with some kind of syntax errors, even when using a different browser with a cleared cookie cache.

All working now though.

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I’ve had no problems with the site apart from the mentioned scheme colour problems.

For the moment… :wink: The Central Scrutinizer will return shortly and open a can of whoop-ass on you

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Having trouble connecting to Steam and Epic game servers tonight…

The Internet is being taken over by Bots and Algorhythms…

maybe the Chinese are counterfeiting the internet as well as the stamps then

No, it’s just your internet access; didn’t you get The Central Scrutinizer’s message?

That’s just it: - ANY data on the internet - can be re-written, and then copied to mirror sites all around the world, on hundreds of other servers…
Eventually the most elaborate lies - get established as the “Truth”, and impossible to erase.
No one looks “facts” up in Books any longer.