A19 crash

Another fatal crash involving trucks. Very sad for all involved. RIP
bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-tees-23584986 :frowning:

Just read further: thenorthernecho.co.uk/news/1 … d/?ref=rss 24 yr old truck driver. RIP

R I P.

Very sad news indeed :frowning: RIP Drive.

RIP :frowning:

Tragic my condolences to all affected :cry:

very sad new’s, just starting out in his career, R.I.P, and sincere condolences to his family.

R.I.P.Andrew and thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.

RIP drive my thoughts go out to you and your family

Seems to be alot of drivers losing their lives whilst doing there job lately.
Very sad indeed

Keeps me reminded to have respect for my truck and all around me as things can and do go fatally wrong no matter how good/bad/aged/experienced you are.

I for 1 will often reflect on this tragedy and those of many others as a reminder of how easy these things can/do happen

Once again RIP drive and deepest condolences to your loved ones

RIP Driver

I had a close call on the A52 this morning because of a stupid lapse of concentration. There was a big bang on the passenger window (I think it was a bird) so I look to see what the f it was, as I look back to the road I have drifted into the wrong lane, however at the time I looked away another wagon was trying to overtake (I didn’t know he was going to overtake) anyway he realised luckily that I was an idiot and all over the place and dropped back quickly, I slowed down and let him passed and gave him a really big sorry through the window, but it could have ended much much worse it was very close.

Man that looks nasty. :cry:

Another driver going about his daily tasks, but sadly not going home tonight.

Stay safe out there boys and girls.


rip driver another lorry driver gone sad times

Any idea which was the fatal, RB or FWC subbie? RIP

About time they let us run longer vehicles so cabs can have some front impact protection.
(If he was hit by a passing car, this wouldn’t have helped)
There was a raft of fatalities in the building trade which have all but been eradicated. Maybe it’s time for our industry to take action like they did.

Rb driver was the fatal

RIP Driver there will be a lot of people at RB who knew this lad and he will be a big loss His father drives for them and one of his brothers.

A very sad day. RIP drives.

Regardless of circumstances this is becoming all too frequent. RIP drive.

I find it hard to believe that the RB driver died in this accident, I went passed and the RB tractor unit was intact with very little damage, however the FW unit was totalled, are you sure it was the RB driver that died

For whats its worth my deepest condolences to all the family and freinds.

R.I.P Drive…