A slightly more positive note

Whilst most posts about the new forum are usually negative if like to post something I see as a positive, I’m sure it didn’t happen on the old forum unless I’m mistaken.

If you reply to a post and don’t submit it or something happens it seems to stay as a draft post so you can come back to it later or moments later and not have to retype everything you originally typed.

That to me is a good feature as it’s really annoying when you post usually a long reply and then for one reason or another lose that reply and either have to type it all out again or more frequently than not you often don’t bother with such a long winded reply. If it did have the draft feature on the old forum then fair enough but I can’t remember it being so.

You can also save posts as a draft and come back to it at a later date or time to reply.


Yes, I discovered that “draft” function today when a reply I was trying to make didn’t hit the boards when I clicked the button, and was just showing a dialogue box saying it was saving.

Another plus point, all the mithering about the new format forum has eliminated what would have otherwise been THE hot topic for this year - DCPC renewals (there, I’ve done it now haven’t I :laughing: )

Q: How long will people keep complaining about the new format?
Q: How many who say they’re “leaving” will keep posting to complain (again) and remind us they’re “leaving”

No, I personally do not like the style of the new software, but that’s because I was particularly attached to the old-style Bulletin Board format (come back the 2000’s decade and Web 1.0, all is forgiven).
However, “resistance is futile” and I’m prepared to be assimilated, which is a better option than…

I have to be honest and say that I quite like the new format now, there are things that I think are going to be a bit problematic unless they’re changed but overall it’s feature rich, easy to navigate and functional, it would be nice to see better formatting options in the editor panel but I suppose you can’t have everything.

I really like the way the editor panel stays on top while you scroll the topic or even other topics :slight_smile:

As far as the negativity is concerned, it was the same the last time that TN changed the software and it will be the same the next time to :rofl: