System Deleting Whole Quotes

I’ve just had a situation where I quoted the last post in a topic, the quote was one line of text but because I quoted the whole post the quote was automatically deleted when I submitted the post.

Sometimes if you’re replying to the last post in a topic where the post will not be linked to the post you’re replying to (hope that makes sense) it makes sense to quote the whole post.

So could I suggest that when a quote is going to be automatically deleted a warning should be given so the poster can adjust the post before submitting it.

Or better still, when replying to the last post in a topic maybe it could be linked just like every other post in the topic, that would negate the need to quote the whole post anyway :slight_smile:

Simply deleting quotes without any warning can leave replies looking a bit random :frowning:

Not sure what you mean so this is a test quoting the last line.

You can quote part of a post but if you try quoting the whole post it gets deleted without any warning.

Only if it is the last post?
If so I can’t test it properly now we have both posted short ones.

This is the opening post quoted.

That seems to have worked for some reason.

Edit: Maybe it is only the last post that can’t be quoted in full.

I’m pretty sure that is so.
After all, it’s already there so normally no need for it.

In now replying to Spardo his post isn’t shown, but if you haven’t remembered it, just tap to see it in full, without cluttering up this post.

I think…

I know the posts are linked, I was just a bit surprised that a single line quote was deleted without warning.

But if that’s the way it’s supposed to be so be it.

Well I’ve just quoted a last, 2 line post

But I’ve corrected a spelling mistake but it didn’t make it through, or did it?

As a slight aside I seem to remember before a 4post limit was put on embedded quotes on the old site, there would be vast chains of quotes within quotes. Forever scrolling through acres of print and pictures to arrive at a single line response.

No the quotes not showing :wink:

Last try, 2 posts I made after that last one, one a correction of the other, never made it into print

That’s right but it didn’t stop people trying :grinning:

My spelling mistake that I edited to correct didn’t work before, but I see it is there now.
I wonder if it was because I moved away from the thread briefly and then came back.

I’m just rying this quoting malarky out so that I can see if it needs reporting to the I.T. guys, or get clarification that what you’ve observed is how it’s supposed to be.

Edited to add::
It seems to be working,

I’ve done a lot of editing behind the scenes, and I’vediscovered that (sometimes) I’d needed to refresh the page or navigate away and then come back.

It dies seem to me that some edits take longer than others to show up in view.

I think it is the way it’s supposed to be, it does make sense not to quote the whole of the last post in the thread.

I have experienced this behaviour now. I think the logic is that there is no need to quote the post immediately before. One way round this may be simply to address the post to the person you are aiming it at by typing out his/her name.

I think that is good practice anyway. Many times I’ve seen people bridle on here at comments that were intended for another poster. A lot of posters observing this practice commence their sentences with @noremac (or whoever).