Zero hour contracts

its not driving, but I am on a zero hour contract and I have been getting 84 hrs a week.

have any of you had experience of zero hr contracts in driving? good or bad?

my next job will probably be agency driving which will likely be zero hr.

Yes. I was on a zero hour contract with hertz rental. Was working 60 hours a week, even though the area manager didn’t want me working that amount of hours, but also wanted all the deliveries done cars cleaned in an impossible time frame! The branch was losing money through incompetence on doing there job properly, but we was just a number, so 60+ hours cut to ■■■■ all… 30 days later branch closed down! Catch 22 situation cut the zero hour contracts small business shut people lose jobs, but on the other hand an emploee will be set on with minimum hours. I’d like to know other peoples thoughts to, wether they are good or bad.

thanks :slight_smile: I’m interested in people’s stories, helps with my personal decision. I guess agency work has always been zero hour, so its probably not all that different to what I’m used to. agency has always kept me busy, in at least 40hrs, has that changed? the only trouble was how far I had to travel for the work, sometimes 30+ miles, they didn’t reall throw much local work my way and I live right on the doorstep of a big industrial estate.

my plan is to take a bit of time when I get laid off to go door to door and see if there’s any chance of working direct for a company (which wouldn’t be zero hr would it?) failing that I will probably go working for driver hire or the best connection which are the busy agencies round here, but the whole idea of signing back with an agency and all the uncertainty that goes with it doesn’t sit well with me.

so to expand my original question: does anyone have any experience and stories about zero hour and/or agency work?

To me a ZHC seems like being on agency - no guaranteed hours etc

As with all those that do not give an average income those needing benefits can find that for weeks on end they have no money !!

I spent the last 8 years on a zero hour contract in another industry. Absolutely hated it. Feast or famine is what I always said. Some weeks it was 70 hours the next it could be 7 or even less. It all averaged out to about 32 ish hours a week. I hate the uncertainty with them.