Your first cab abroad

Hey, Your first cabs you were sleeping in aboard


Hey, My first to sleep in abroad for only some days a week, which brought me not further as about 1000km from home.


Hey, In which I was in sometimes up to 5/6 weeks.
No high roof, airco, fridge and sometimes even without nightheater. And even no tool box on foreign or rented


Great idea for a thread, after all those about Euro vs. British vs. US trucks- actual practical experience of which vehicles tortured the driver most :laughing: . Expect lots of pictures of planks of wood, bits of carpet etc. from UK drivers.

The Fiat looks particularly hard- that engine cover looks as if it was intended to make noise. The 2600 seems perfectly civilised by comparison, as do the rest of them- are these observations anything like the truth?

My first cab abroad was most folks favourite at the time, an F88 Volvo.
Went well, very reliable, but for spending several weeks at a time in when doing middle east, not the best.
But it was the best we had at the time, but as bosses weren’t convinced that m/e was going to last they didn’t bother with luxiuries like air con and night heaters.
Cab wise I had a better cab on UK work before I started m/e, a DAF 2600, brilliant!

MkV AEC well shown on the Fridged Freight thread. Dad made me put my socks and shoes outside - air freshners weren’t about then! Jim.
PS the practise carried into my career as a welder. One hotel my mate ordered my boots out of the room and the owners dog ran off with them and chewed them to bits.