Your Country needs YOU

Or at least the injured servicemen and women, and their families, could do with a little support from your good selves and your own family and friends.

I’ve picked this up from another website, so please be a little tolerant if it is short on detail.

After looking at the map, just off Junction 9 of the M25 there is a small place called Ashtead, which is home to an armed forces rehabilitation centre called Headley Court.

RAF Headley Court, to give it its correct title, but it caters for injured service personnel from all services.

Recently the SSAFA (The Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association) sought to purchase a local house that they intended to convert to provide residential units where familes of injured personel could stay and be close to their loved ones.

However, the local resident are none too please with this nad have lodged complaints including those listed in the following

Increased traffic,
Loss of privacy for neighbours
In view of local feeling house residents would not feel part of community.
Harm to quiet residential area.
Burglars could cruise area pretending to be visitors.
House would be soft target for terrorists.
Constant turnover of new people.
Noise from children playing in street.
Noise in garden.
Emotive references to injured relatives designed to cloud issues.

It appears that the lead website on this matter is

And the specific page dealing the issue is

The local BBC News has picked up on the issue and their report can be found HERE.

There is a petition site., which is currently approaching 30,000 signatures. It has acquired two and a half thousand signatures since I first came across the story last night.

If increased traffic is one of the concerns of the residents, then I think I know where I will be heading the next time I’m on the M25 and need to take an unplanned break.

As far as I’m concerned these ■■■■ Nimby’s have got their heads stuck so far up their own arses that the must be licking their own tonsils.

I know that there are a number of ex-military among our membership, and no doubt, within our wider readership, who, with others, would be willing to sign the petition.

Let us hope that the matter gets some coverage on the J.V. programme during the coming week, whereupon these residents of Ashtead can truly hang their heads in shame.

petition signed



Some people are beyond belief.



Signed the petition. It amazes and disgusts me the way some people in this country show their appreciation for what others have done for them. Soldiers,sailors and airstaff lying injured and do these morons think about their relatives or what they might be going through NO all they bother about is their own minor disruptions. Makes you ashamed to be british.




The idiots in this town do not realize that real men and women are out in Iraq and Afghanistan trying to keep the lifestyle that we are used to. Typical as long its not on our doorstep, i hope they build a garrison there.


Hope the townsfolk never need the army to help them, ungrateful ■■■■■■

signed thanks for bringing it to my attention


on a slightly different note, here’s some I’ve signed :wink:

signed :smiley:

Signed it doesnt seem to matter these days the harder you have to work the less your payed the more you do for your country the less people seem to care.

The local council tonight voted on the application by SSAFA, they listened to the objections of the residents, then…


Granted SSAFA permanent permission to use the house as requested
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Signed . Then saw Rikki’s post but I would of still signed it anyway being an ex sevice man myself people like that really ■■■■ me off and I have got into quite a few rows with them at varioustimes and I still do if someone winds me upover issues like that :angry: :angry:

:laughing: brill :laughing: