Young couple

Young couple go to a Farmhouse B&B for their honeymoon due to lack of finances.

They go into their Bedroom and do not come out for 3 days, on the 4th day the farmer knocks on their door and asks them if they would like some breakfast, “No thanks.” came the reply , “We’re fine.”

The farmer went back at Lunch time and asked if they would like some lunch, “No thanks we’re fine,” came the reply again.

The farmer went back at Dinner time and asked, “Would you like some Dinner?” “No thanks were fine,” came the reply, to which the farmer asked, “If you don’t mind could you tell me what you are living on as you haven’t eaten for 4 days?”

Back came the reply “Thank you for your concern but we are living on the fruits of love.” To which the farmer replied,“Well can you stop throwing the skins out the window cos they are choking my ■■■■■■■ chickens”!!!

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