Yodel anyone

Has anyone worked for yodel Hatfield, I’ve just appplied for a job there as I know they take newbies .any info about the place would be good

I had a friend who use to work there. They have top trucks and trailers (most of them) He would drive down to delivery drop trailer and pick different trailer up and get put on different route mosts days.

yodel also have their trucks queueing all the way down frobisher way frequently to unload

I heard Yodel had stopped allowing inexperienced agency drivers, but maybe permanent staff are different.

Clean fleet, mainly Mercedes Actros 2543 and a few more recent 2545. A handful of DAFs, a few MANs and the odd old Renault kicking around. A mix of twin axle and a few newer tri-axle box trailers, some are refurbished and some new. No curtainsiders unless they are on short term hire at busy times.

Hatfield site is large with plenty of room to move around most of the year, but it can stack up at busy times, especially Christmas. As has been said already, expect long queues to get in when it’s busy, but most of the time you’ll be okay.

Work is clean with very little load interaction, and no requirement to secure loads usually. There is a lot of drop/swap work, so you’ll become very familiar with coupling and uncoupling procedures. On a bad day you could get six trailer swaps in a shift.

Much of the collection work is at decent sized depots and warehouses, but there is also a certain amount of tighter access work that will test a newbie’s nerves. If you’re trunking to Yodel distribution sites you may find some a bit of a squeeze. If their vans are in your way, ask them to move!

Routes are varied. If you’re lucky you’ll get some nice long runs up to the north west (they have a hub depot at Shaw), which will challenge you as a day driver if you hit traffic. On a bad day, though, you’ll get some London collections or repetitive local return runs. You may get as far west as Bristol, sometimes down to Southampton, Sittingbourne (there’s a doozy of a pickup there…be careful), east to Ipswich, but much of the work is south midlands (Northampton, Daventry, Corby etc).

On the whole, it is a good place to be if you’re a recent Class 1 pass. Don’t make any mistakes, though, they’re not very forgiving…

I’ve worked at Yodel, Hatfield on the agency.

Before that it was DHL and before that it was Securicor

Doddle of a job and the heads in the office are some of the best I’ve come across.What’s not to like ? :wink:

Maybe you right about that not taking on newbies , but it’s wort a shot