yet another newbie.

Hi guys just thought i’d introduce myself. My names Huey and am sort of new to this driving game. Last week I left the RAF after 10 years and thought I’d go and try my hand at my first love, driving for a living. Now I’m under no illusions about what the job involves or how hard it may or may not be. I’ve been living in Scotland for the last 3.5 years but now I’m back at home in sunny Norfolk lol. Just before I left I managed to secure some interviews with a couple of local hauliers round here, but nothing major. Went to some agencies but again nothing happening. Anyway when I finally arrived home I received a call from Jack Richards In Fakenham asking if I could come in for an assessment drive… Passed this and now start next Wednesday (28th). Money is good compared to what I was making after 10 years in the forces so cant complain.
Wish me luck
Cheers. :smiley:

Many forces drivers are leaving the service with the required dcpc for civvy driving

If you got any LGV before 09/09/2009 then you are ok until 09/09/2014 but if your very first LGV category was put on your licence after 09/09/2009 then you must pass initial dcpc before being allowed to legally drive LGVs comercially

A pre 97 car licence gives the driver a LGV C1

Yeah, I had my ADR refresher at leconfield about 6 weeks ago but have to do dcpc in house. The military is exempt Cpc so I can’t take my ADR and use that toward my Cpc but I’m ok as I’ve had my c/ c+e since 2008 so just the 35 hrs refresher training to do.
Can’t wait to be back on the road thou.

:smiley: anybody in the forces deserves all the respect they get. I really hope you have a bright future. I commend you for the 10 years you have done. My brother has done just over 10 years in the raf. He is gonna do the 22. Anyway good luck mate

Cheers mate, I think I made the right decision, lots of my mates are wanting to leave but don’t have a clue what to do in civvi street. I think I’m lucky I found employment just as I left and I’m glad I did. Found out recently that when my mates get back from yet another 7 months in afghan, the squadron is getting disbanded, so some redundancies and some getting sent to god knows where.
Cheers for the support always welcome.

Good luck Drive.

CPC is a ball ache but if your firm are going to wedge up for it i’d use that and if the job’s gash look elsewhere once you’ve got it.

Once again good luck

Cheers mate, Cpc is in house on every other Saturday, don’t get paid but don’t get charged either so although a ball ache could be worse.