WW2 - 2013 Tank Transporter line up

Apologies for this photo, I have only received it this evening, and its not my photo. However if they is anybody wanting info photos etc then I will do whatever to help. I shall be with these trucks next week and be able to answer any questions.

They are all road worthy.
Left to right
Oshkosh 1070F, Diamond T, Thornycroft Antar and the Scammel Commmander (just out of shot)

Like I say this is not my photo, it’s one my mate sent me, so a sort of sneek preveiw. I will get some proper photos next week.

I’ve got all four trucks in my pic on the iPad, but as soon as I try and upload the Commander is cropped off. I shall get a decent pic of this line up as I don’t think this has ever been done before.

What if you crop the images. Split the pic up. I’m intrested in this too

very nice, a few photos of each would be appreciated :smiley:

on it’s own the Diamond T is quite an imposing vehicle but it looks comedy small next to the Oshkosh :open_mouth:

I like to say iv driven 3 of thoughs bad boys but the mk3 Antar was a learning curve

I like to say iv driven 3 of thoughs bad boys but the mk3 Antar was a learning curve

Lol. I feel your pain brother! :smiley: The Mk3 certainly sorted the men from the boys. I tried enlarging the pic to see if the Antar was one of “my” old ones. Can’t see a number plate unfortunately. Also tried looking out for the White bumper ends but they’ve been painted over.

I used to think those Antar’s were huge when I was a kid, but seeing it next to the Oshkosh!

Used to watch the convoys of Antars pulling up Tidworth Hill on their way to AVSD Ludgershall with their engines screaming away way back when…

I’m pretty sure they have (or at least used to) a Diamond T, Antar and Commander on display on Ward Barracks, Bulford Camp

I got to drive the one in fallingbostel don’t know what will happen to it when they close the end of next year if that’s Bulfords Antar it should have wight ends its looks in better nick that the one 16 tank transports have