Wtd question

Does breaks count for your 13 or 15 duty time? Like I had 2x45 break, they add up to my duty time or should I take them off?

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Everything has to fit into the 13 or 15 hours.

Breaks, poa, driving, other work, scratching arse.

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The 13/15 hours comes from the fact that you have to complete a daily rest period within 24 hours from the start of the shift.

As a regular daily rest period is 11 hours so leaves 13 hours from the start of the shift to the end of the shift (13+11=24), consequently a reduced daily rest period of 9 hours leaves 15 hours that can be fitted into the 24 hour period (15+9=24).

In other words everything has to fit into the 13/15 hours.

By the way, that’s not a question about the WTD, it’s a question about the drivers hours and tachograph regulations otherwise known as the tachograph regulations.