WTD Average with Holidays

As I understand it, when calculating your working time directive average hours over say - the 17 week reference period - if a weeks holiday is taken during that period then for the purposes of calculating average working time, a “48 hour working time week” is applied to the holiday period.

What happens therefore if you take odd days off :question:

Eight hours for each day.

Note it’s only the 5.6 weeks statutory holidays that have to be accounted for. Any days over and above that don’t have to be counted.

Ok, but who would know whether it’s holiday or rest :question:

The reason I ask is that, like many, I work (including POA and breaks) long hours and have to watch the average constantly. Between now and the end of March I am taking a number of odd days as leave but then working an extra day at the weekend in these weeks. From a personal point of view, my records will merely show a change in shift pattern i.e Tue to Sat as opposed to, Mon - Friday.

Am I to assume that the company will view the holiday days as 8 hours when calculating working time for the purposes of their records / compliance, or, is it a case that 5.6 weeks holiday is applied across a year anyway :question: