WTD 60 hours question

60 hours working time (driving + work) = Max 60 hrs within a fixed week? or Max 60 hrs in between 2 weekly rest? Thanks.

“weekly working time must not exceed an average of 48 hours per week over the reference period - a maximum working time of 60 hours can be performed in any single week providing the average 48-hour limit is not exceeded”
(my highlights)
It does not say “between weekly rests” that I can see.

I don’t have a source to quote but am sure (as I can be) its in a fixed week.

I know that fixed week means from 00:00 Monday to 00:00 Sunday, but I don’t know if single week means the same.

When I was checking sometimes I was seeing a fixed week and sometimes single week, but I don’t know what the difference is.

10 hours x2 (daily driving - fixed week
56 hours (weekly driving) - fixed week
90 hours (forthnight) - 2 consecutive fixed weeks
60 hours (work + driving) - fixed week
9 hours (reduced daily rest) - in between 2 weekly rest (not fixed week)

Is this good?

Looks correct to me.

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