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My now ex personnel boss is saying that the company is going to withold wages due to me leaving on friday and taking 28 days of Tachos with me, am I right to be holding onto these til the 28 days is up?I have already stated in writing that I will return them once the 28 days is up.

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The answer to this one is simple you need to take the last 28 days tachos to your new employer as a record of what hours you have worked before leaving your present employer in case you are stopped by VOSA / Police in a spot check.

These are the new regs as from Jan. 1st. this year.

If they want to see what hours you have worked for the last month send them photocopies.

If they refuse to pay you for the month speak to a union rep or contact the Jobcentre / Benefits agency as they should be able to put you in touch with the right dept. to get your outstanding wages or speak to Citizens Advice Bureau.


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Have spoke to transport manager and he has said yeah ok you are right!

Hopefully the biatch in personnel/wages, has recieved a kick up arse!

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