Would you???

Would you leave a full time job that your not very happy in to go down the agency job rute■■? Cheers.

Done it a few times myself. If you’re going to do it then do it now, there seems to be plenty work on at the moment. This is based on me getting texts everyday from other agencies offering work at decent rates.
My mantra has always been the same, if you’re not happy in your work and you can move, then move. If you’re not sure sign up with an agency & try them at weekends, or take holidays & work for the week, or go on the sick & work for a week, just see how it goes.

Sit back and work out why your not happy ? ask your self would you be happier else where ? i have done what your concidering in the past and regretted it as the grass is not always greener ! the thing i learned from jumping ship is that most work places are pretty much the same so i have just learned to let the stress go over my head and just get on with what i need to do and now i find the work place a far better place i no what they expect of me and they in turn no what i expect of them seems to work for me