Worst scammer ever

I know many here don’t use FB, but I saw a very poor scam attempt today that’s worth mentioning

A brand new member of a north east FB drivers group posted this picture of a very tidy looking unit, advertising it as for sale for $40,000
Yes, dollars! Tells you everything you need to know right off the bat.

Someone playing along asked “How do I pay?”
Scammer replied “I take cashapp and PayPal, and gift card”

Needless to say the eponymous actual owner of the vehicle is none to impressed

Should have said can only pay in Yugoslav Dinars.

…I’m surprised they didn’t ask for payment in Bitcoin…

I have attempted to buy a second hand car advertized, only for the so-called “Vendor” to want to meet me in a public place (supermarket car park most often…) and then expected me to pay either cash or bank transfer - before I could insure the car, tax it etc.

I offered them their full asking price (i.e. I don’t knock them down) - if they brought the car around, OR I could collect it from their home address… (meaning I’d have to use their landline phone to get the insurance on, as I don’t have an Iphone)
The moment such a good deal is refused - I know it’s a scam, of course… Suspicous old git that I am…

The car I’ve got right now - I paid full asking price when the guy invited me around his, let me phone to get the paperwork sorted, and take it for a test drive on top.
It is the first car I’ve had for many years - that passed it’s next MOT with minimal effort/money spent.
He even let on that he was leaving the country, hence the sale - but the test drive told me all I needed to know, so I didn’t think that was supspicious…