Working week and weekly rest requirements

Hi all,

New to this site/forum so take it easy lol. I’ve got a question in regards to the amount of hours I can work/my weekly rest requirements. I’ve been driving Class 2 now since august last year and thoroughly enjoying it, and looking to do my Class 1 soon.

In regards to my question I have, basically I want to change my working week around. I’m trying to save up money for a family holiday in the next few months and also save up for my Class 1 training/test. Trying to work on a Sunday as it’s double time at the place I work.

I currently work a 5 day week on a 2 week pattern. Wk 1 consists of Mon-Fri (sat/sun rest days), averaging normally 9/10hrs a day, so around about a 48hr week. Wk 2 consists of Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri/Sat (so Wed/Sun rest days). Again that week is also normally 9/10hrs a day, 48-50hrs a week.

My ideal plan would be to do Sun-Thurs for wk 1, and then Mon-Fri for Wk 2. So in regards to Working Time/Weekly rest rulings, i’d have 3 days off for the 1st week and then 1 off for the 2nd week. Am I right in thinking this would be fine for the weekly rest requirements as i’d catch up on the reduced weekly rest the following week by having the 3 days off together??

Thanks in advance

Welcome to Trucknet-UK :wink:

The work pattern you want to do looks fine, as you’ve said you’ll pay back the compensation for the reduced weekly rest periods when you have the three days off.

Without knowing what hours you work it’s not possible to say for certain, but given that your days aren’t particularly long, if you work regular hours I’m guessing that your reduced weekly rest periods are somewhere in the region of 38 hours so it may even be possible to work every Sunday if you wanted to :exclamation:
You’d probably have to have the odd day off now and again to keep down to the 48 hour average but only you know if that would be feasible.

For the argumentative and nay sayers amongst us, I’m not suggesting that you should work every Sunday I’m just putting it out as a possible option :wink:

Many thanks for your response tachograph. That’s ideal then, as just wanted some confirmation coming from someone with experience and better knowledge of the rest requirements etc…

My normal working day starts at 4am 99% of the time, and clocking off anywhere between 12.30pm to 3pm latest. All depends on traffic, weather, other deliveries and all those variables. As I mentioned, wanting to get in on a Sunday to increase my wages, as a couple things to save up for. Ideally would like to do a Sun-Thurs week continuously but my place tend to be short on drivers for a Friday, so that’s why I mentioned about a Sun-Thurs one week and Mon-Fri the next as doubt they’d put me on a permanent Sun-Thurs at the moment.