Working USA & Canada

Things to be aware of:
1: Arcane provincial tests
2: Wierd on-the-road rules
3: Different rules in every state/province
4: You don’t have to spend out thousands to get in
5: Demand for truckers in Canada is huge
6: The prairie provinces get VERY cold in winter :open_mouth:
7: BC doesn’t :stuck_out_tongue:
8: Be prepared to learn how to - move trailer tandems, adjust your 5th wheel, use ‘glad-hand’ connectors, constant mesh boxes, and never havign a 3 axle trailer again :stuck_out_tongue:

Are there any drivers out there like my self who embarked upon that crazy pursuit with first point international with promises of work green card and driving school in winter park Fl,and found themselfs 5 and half K lighter,l know you can chuckle you problably took the advise of truck ,and driver mag and steered well clear,anyway l,m sure there must be the odd one or two out there.
l would also like to know if anyone has any opinoins on these canadians who are coming over recruiting,l might giveit a shot but at 46 and 24 years on the road here ,lm ready for the men in the white coats to come round and take me away,no serioiusly at 46 l feel a little long in the tooth for going though jumping though all those hoops metaphorically what do you think,its taken me a while to suss how to post a message and obviously this is my first but be great if you could give me some feedaback Cheers Jonah

Welcome to TruckNet UK mate.

I can’t help much with the Canada question, never been tempted. However, if you go to the top of the page, you will find a link to TruckNet Canada on a button. In there you will find a forum especially for people wanting to go and work over in Canada. They will keep you right. To post, you will have to register, same as in here. The software is slightly different to ours, but the same principals apply, so you shouldn’t have much trouble.
You will find there are several ex-pats working over there, including our own Allikat.
I nearly forgot, we have an Ex-Pats forum in here as well :blush: :blush:

On the Canadian forum look out for “Steve the bulkers tales” on the “long haul” forum.This is his dairies from when he went overthere in the Autumn with one of these recruitment companies (ESI) and will give you a real insight into how the “system” works and he seems to be getting on just fine apart from the dam cold winter :exclamation: :laughing: :wink:

Man,I have bin trying remember to name of that company for ages,First point International.Yep,I got bumped too,not as bad as yerself,but think it was to the tune of 2k.
It has put me of these kinda company for life.I get e-mails from TFU in Australia promise’n to get me to the USA,but I am to sceptical to hand over any cash now.
Its hard nuff to earn without giveing it away,eh.


i’d say go for it. at 46, you still have a good thirty years left in you. that’s a long tme to be kicking yourself in the bum for skipping out on a wanted opportunity. I, myself am in the middle of going over there. the first step is saving up a sizable sum, which i am currently undertaking. don’t sell yourself short, it’s the what ifs that make such a plunge so incredibly far fetched.

I made I don’t know how many posts I wrote warning everyone here about these rip off’s, but most said “I’m going for it anyway” … now we hear all the complaints :open_mouth:

There are some genuine firms such as Kindersley of Saskatoon who seem to be honest and are doing the best to keep their promises.

‘Geordieboy’ (Ex Steve the bulker) went with them and is doing really well, he only shelled out 750 quid and makes a fortune over in Canada, we talk regularly, he his prepared to do what is expected of a driver in Canada or the USA and be out for up to a month at a time if needed. There are not many day trunks in that part of the world.

pat, were you drunk when you wrote that? cause i am and for some reason it makes sense. all that aside. getting the short stick is my biggest fear with moving east. i’d like to hear the success stories with detailed descriptions of getting the almighty… this stuff is so complicated i don’t even know what to call it. i think the u.s. version is called the green card but i’m not sure what it’s called over there. i want one of those things. so…■■? maybe if i go thre i’ll be all bummed 'cause after all those hoops, i would still spend my day in a truck. but the hours over here for road work are murder. i think that’s what has got me sold on the euro thing.

I was not drunk :exclamation: I did warn folk off being ripped off by ESI and Yanke for a start. That guy say’s it cost him 5,500 pounds, so he was most deffinately taken for a ride.
All I am saying is that if you do like Geordieboy and really look into it and don’t get ripped off you will do ok :exclamation: He tells me that around 60% of the drivers who move to Saskatoon end up quitting and going back home to the UK because they are not prepared to be away from home.

They are all used to doing day runs or having two or three days away at a time, not 4 weeks :exclamation:

I made I don’t know how many posts…

sorry bud, it looked goofy when i read it