Working in multiple vehicles and manual entries

Good morning ladies and gents.

I’ve been given a job on the agency and been told to go to A, hop in a van, drive to B, then get in a rigid. Of course the van won’t have a tacho in, so I’ll have to do my manual entry for starting work when I get in the truck, but how do I record the driving hours in the van?

Does it actually matter? Driving the van will come under the Working Time Directive (right?), so I’ll need to have a break after 6 hours (A and B are only about 20-30 mins apart so no worries there). Can I record driving time on the tacho as a manual entry? Or will it all be “other work” and then my driving time (under EU rules) starts when I leave the yard. (But I’ll still have to take a break after 6 hours working under the WTD (right?)).

Have I got this right in my head or am I an idiot? :blush:

If van is under 3500 gvw then the driving hours in that are to be recorded as other work for EU regs

Other work and EU regs driving time count as work for the RT(WT)R

As said you’ll record the van driving as other work then carry on as usual.

Perfect. Thanks gents.