Working for the Belgiums

Can anyone help me out on here? Im struggling to find a job so began looking further a feild and into Belgium. Can anyone tell me what the Belgiums are like to work for? What the money is like? Im i likely to get sh*t on?
Does anyone work for a belgium firm and still based in England? :smiling_imp:

Wheelnut and K.W. (i think) are your men try sending them a P.M.

Aren’t Brit European Belguim, but have trucks based in the UK?

Brit European are an English company, But with a Belgian office from where they run Belgian plated trucks.
A lot of them run in the UK multi drop carpets I believe and some are UK drivers so hence why you see a lot in the UK parked up.
They were advertising for drivers out of Belgium not so long ago.

I`ve sent an e.mail to a firm in beglium just not sure what to expect from it. Other than carpets what other work do Brit European do and do the UK drivers get over the pond?

They also do Tankers, Car Transporters,…

Robbies dad will know. Quite a few of my mates now live in Belgium. Ill try and remember who they work for tomorrow when i`m sober :laughing: :wink:

Cheers JB have a goodnight pal :laughing:

sh2t on from a great height :laughing:
Brit Euro owe me money and aint replying to my email requests for an answer
they dont like to pay for midweek parking
planning office can be glueless

I live and work in Belgium,and the company I work for is good,they pay the right money,they pay on time,they have a pension scheme as well as hospital insurance.And we run as straight as a die.

But,if you expect to earn the same sort of money,or more,than most driver’s earn now in the UK,forget it!
My brother drives for a small company in Felixstowe doing containers,and he earns a lot more than I do and is home two or three nights a week.

A lot of Belgian firms want there pound of flesh and then some.
However,since the introduction of the digital tacho,a lot more are running at least more or less legal.

For the better paid jobs,try Holland or Denmark.