Working for agencys

hi all

im a newbie on here and just wanna ask people how they choose to get paid when working through agencies.
ive been umbrella for over 12 months now and just set up my own ltd company but not a clue what im doing and if im doing the right thing!
passed my class 1 2 weeks ago and start my new job sunday :laughing: excited and nervous at same time!!

TIA emma x :smiley:

Hi Emma.
Well done on the job and class 1.
Don’t think there is many agencies doing PAYE most are umbrella but as for a Ltd company book an appointment with an accountant to check it’s all good they might help you save more money.
Sundays are the best on the roads early start no one about take your time double check everything, if needs when reversing get out look reverse get out again doesn’t matter how many times.And if yr unsure ASK doesn’t cost anything but can save a whole world of trouble.

Hope this helps


I’ve been both PAYE and umbrella. I dislike the umbrella approach as it is ridiculously expensive (£15-£20 being taken every week for their charges), and I would be happier with PAYE. Limited companies are under HMRC scrutiny so play it carefully. Stay squeaky clean and use it purely as a means of managing income rather than trying to play games with tax avoidance.

I like Sunday shifts too. Less traffic, fewer hold-ups and generally quieter yards at destinations. That gives you more time to relax, take a few deep breaths, remember your training and try not to screw anything up.

Remember your B-L-A-C-K (Brake, Legs, Airlines, Clip and Kingpin) for uncoupling, reverse it for coupling. Don’t forget your number plate on trailer swaps, especially when on bays.

Use all the space available to you, both on the road and when reversing or manoeuvring. If in doubt, stop, get out, get your bearings again and have another go. Repeat as many times as necessary.

A good reverse is one where you don’t break anything, that’s it really. Take as much time as you need, as many shunts as are necessary, and ask for help if you need it. Use the rookie card and most drivers will be happy to share their experience with you.

Good luck!

“Ive been umbrella for 12 months”

Work dried up?..