Work phoning at weekend

phone rang 1200 sunday didnt get to it no missed call
same again 1500 spotted number but they hung up it was work didnt ring them
1842 sunday text message be in brum yard 0600 loaded trailer (based in coventry)
2200 sunday i reply to message…just read text be in asap…
arrive work coventry 0730 brum 0830 they whinge they moan its urgent …i say why didnt you ring me saturday then i could have told you i wouldnt be in until 0730…

get to customer in swansea and was told the load was booked in last thursday…hahahahaha :smiley:

Surely its illegal for a driver to have any contact with his employer if hes on a rest period?.

Our TM phoned me on sunday morning at 10 am, and i didn’t object, for 2 reasons.

Delay mondays start time from stupid o’clock, to sensible o’clock.

He pays my phone bill

Can’t be bad.

My lot rung me Saturday afternoon too.

And I didn’t mind either,as my run had changed from Hatfield/Wellingborough to Charlton/Waltham Abbey.

It also meant an extra hour in bed this morning!! :smiley: :laughing:


Sorry but weekends are my time. Afaik when I leave on Friday night that’s work mode set to off until I arrive in the yard on Monday morning.

They have my mobile number but not the house number. Only displayed numbers get answered on the mobile and if it showed work number then it would get ignored. That’s what I have an answer-phone for. :slight_smile:

I never give any boss my mobile number. If they want to call me, they have to supply the phone.

At the moment, I am supplied with a mobile and built-in handsfree kit in the cab. I have to take the handset home at weekends. Doesn’t mean I have to answer it though.

Er sorry gaffer, was out and I always leave it in the house. Don’t want to lose it :wink:

Lucky bunch you are then. We have to ring in if we finish before 19:00 'cos they don’t have the routings done until then, and we have to ring in on Sunday afternoons for Monday start times. And no, they don’t pay for any of it :frowning:

I think you will find that according to ROAD HAULAGE ASSOCIATION rules every time a company phones a driver when off duty he or she is entitled to an hours pay per call.

This is a fact, check th RHA rules out if you don’t believe me, tell your boss you will expect it and see how many times he calls you at home afterwards. :wink:

To constantly phone someone during time off constitutes bullying, this is compounded by thier attitude towards your not responding .
Report the TM for harassment & bullying,

If the company demands you ring in or rings you while you are on daily or weekly rest. Your daily or weekly rest periods have been broken. :exclamation:

If you ring in voluntary then that is you doing what you want when you want.

What if the call was to advise that your wallet/credit cards had been found in the depot? Happened to me once and it saved a whole lot of grief cancelling cards and the like?

The office has both my home and mobile number but haven’t yet had a problem with loads of calls. Only 4 that I remember. The lost wallet, change of start time, twice, and something else equally inoquous.

same as rob on this one… once that motor is parked at end of week i dont want to know till i,m due to restart at beginning of working week…if they rang me on a day off thats whaty i,d be telling them… sod off