Work Life Balance

I’m putting this in Bully’s because I imagine it will be more politics than actual job advice. Practical advice is very welcome IMHO but belongs in the main forums.

Anyways, I just caught this YT vid, not a channel I normally watch. It is a bit shouty but the issues are well worth looking at. After lots of comments about drivers long working weeks etc I thought this a very relevant topic.

What I found most interesting were the various comments underneath. From people all over the world, giving wider perspectives and examples of how things are different elsewhere.

As a matter of fact:
1% of the population hold 50% of the wealth.
10% hold 85%
and so the almost 90% of us remaining share 15% of global wealth.
You don’t have to be a fanatical commie to believe that is wrong.

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There is also a section of the population who, if you made them wealthy overnight, in 5 years time they would most likely be poor again. The wealth might even ruin them.

Personally, I am willing to act as a guinea-pig.

Ironically we had the best ideal in strong unions within highly developed and industrialised western economies like 1960’s US and Europe.
Then the working class bought the Thatcher dream and the rest is history
As for work life balance.They mean self entitled workshy youngsters trying to live a retired or semi retired lifestyle and expecting to be paid for it by stitching up retired generations.