well i can’t believe it, i had my Class 2 retest today and passed with 0 faults, i am chuffed to bits and its taken a massive weight of my shoulders now

to all of those who have failed, keep your heads up and perservere, you will get there!

Congrats, zero falts is a brilliant result. It dose feel like a weight lifted getting a pass. Have you got any work lined up a reddy ? Well done :sunglasses:

well done Bud! it’s the first positive feeling you get when your start The HGV Experience! make sure you have a nice cold beer or 2 for your success lol I sure did! :slight_smile:

Well done mate.
Iv got a few hours training and a retest and the end of the month after failing my class 2 last week.I was well gutted.Drove all the way back from maidstone to eastbourne feeling like crap :frowning:

know how you feel clark8, i felt like crap too for ages, but got my head together and got on with it and yea, wish you the best of luck for your retest, you can do it!

am definitely having 1 or 2 cold beers tonight, think i deserve it! lol

i haven’t got any work lined up, i still need to do CPC module 2 and 4, module 2 booked for saturday morning, then module 4 for as soon as i can get in

i currently have a full time job so was going to try and get agency weekend work for a bit to build up my experience then see if i can get a permanent job with someone

I live quite near avonmouth / portbury docks, i do see quite a lot of jobs being advertised so am hopefully in a good area to get started

:smiley: :smiley:

Brill result. Congratulations. Pete :laughing: :laughing:

Great Result. Well Done :slight_smile:

Well done buddy!!

well i can’t believe it, i had my Class 2 retest today and passed with 0 faults…

Not a bad effort. Well done. :smiley:

Cheers guys!

Well oh no, i failed my CPC module 2 this morning, got 38 out of 50, only needed 2 more right! ■■■■! i will admit i wasn’t properly prepared for it as i have been worrying too much about my retest to even think about the CPC really, think thats why i failed it. The first question was about a tractor unit owned by 2 guys sharing the driving, i didn’t have a clue, also a question about eating properly■■? isn’t that basic life skills being able to eat properly, not really too sure why its part of an HGV test, but nevermind.

The earliest i can get in now is the 12th September for a retake, which is ages away, does anyone know if there is a number or something i can phone to see if they have any cancellations and can move me forward a bit? Have tried searching the booking site but haven’t found anything, or even if its possible? Thanks in advance

Gives you time to up your game. Unlucky for this one and best of luck for retest.