Wish to become a Professional Driver

Good Afternoon All,

I have recently joined the forum and I am after some advice, guidence and help. I’m currently serving in the RAF at the moment but like a lot of things in this world it’s time for a change. I love driving (it’s not my current job), and after 26 years I wish do something I really enjoy. I gained my LGV Cat C (old HGV 2) some years ago and have had limited driving (early 2000’s doing agency work). As part of leaving the RAF, I hopefully will be able to gain my LGV C+E.

Is there any advice you could give me -
Any other courses that maybe suitable
Is there jobs out there
Does experience matter or would it be better joining an agency to gain the experience
and any other help and advice.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


Does experience matter…

Put simply, yes.

However, for the jobs worth having, other things are equally as important; attitude, presentation etc.

Considering your background, I think you’ll be alright.

…and welcome to TruckNet.

I might be mistaken but I think there is a section on the board index on new and wanna be drivers lot of great info there …

I would find other employment. This industry is knackered. With a big f.

OMG if thats one of your wishes the genie of the lamp is going to think its his birthday.

Seriously though as mentioned your background will stand you in good stead for the truckers life (most of us are ex SAS, SBS, Navy Seals, Jedis, etc)

I would sign up with some agencies or go knocking on doors, CV’s are OK but can’t beat and enthusiastic potential employee putting the effort in.

Consider taking your class 1 (C + E) as well later on.

Welcome to Trucknet and have a browse round the FAQ section as well for some great tips.

Let us know the area of the country you will be settling down in, someone one here is always willing to help with job info, and more important, what the various companies are like to work for, and ones to avoid.

At my old firm the boss thought the DAF badge said RAF so you’ll blend in there nicely

Welcome to the forum and erm, congratulations■■? on your impending arrival at civvy street.

You have a pm, or will in a minute.

Try & get on an ADR course whilst in the RAF…this is a good, usable qualification in Civvy St. If not, consider doing it when you get out & that way you’ll also be eligible for 3 x 7 hours towards your Driver CPC Periodic Training DQC. This will be a pre-requisite for ANY driving job after next September & will put you towards the front of some queues!!!

To gain experience join a couple of agencies and settle with one that you like , then purchase a decent sat nav , i see that you dont mention having a drivers CPC , get that before you leave the services it will save you time and money when you get out.

Welcome to TN, I’m ex Navy and have found that the Military background is a bonus. It doesn’t fully cancel out in-experience but does go a long way.

Your plan and the advice above sounds good, can’t add anything else other than good luck.