Wiring problems

Hi guys and HELP !!!
I have as you all know by now a daf cf 75 concrete mixer 2005 360 – over the last few days I have had some problems with the pto shutting off - scary when your loaded - I have narrowed it down to the point that when ever I use the throttle control lever on the right side of the steering wheel, it blows the fuse to the pto system, my truck also has throttle control from the rear of the truck for the mixer in as much as its two buttons rev up and rev down which is no concern at the moment as its working fine, it could be the button on the end of the stalk or just pulling it back for cruise control or using the speed limiter, it will work fine then totally random like you use it again and it will just pop the fuse, I have changed the lever and it made no difference, so I know its the wiring loom but has any one else had this problem, if so where was the chaffed or broken wiring lurking can any one help it driving me mad, as I am a bit OCD — thanks guys

have a look at the loom at where the cab tilts on the N/S/F ,also have a look at where the loom for the PTO is at the gearbox…does the PTO engage ok ■■? ie it doesn’t kick out after 5 secs with a PTO WARNNG on the DIP

just re read your post…would go for wiring at N/S/F/ where cab tilts…can you give me the fuse number ,and i’ll see what I can dig up ■■

hi lads had a quick look and a jiggle and didn’t really find anything - the fuse is no 28 my friend , rarely the pto will shut off of its own volition but mostly its when I push the button and use the speed control lever thanks lads

Haven’t forgot about you lee ,just don’t have access to info at the mo

On the fusebord lid what is the fuse reference number? will be E…

Got a full set of wiring diagrams here and 10 yrs exp.

hey mate I am not at work at the mo but will look on Friday and let you know asap thanks for your help cheers lee

hi daf man any joy yet please thanks lee

still need the fuse reference number mate