Winter tyres

I’m starting to plan ahead with a mate and we are thinking of getting some M+S snow winter tyres for his coach and stick them on some spare Alcoa alloys I have.
When will be the best time to get these tyres? Will they be cheaper now because demand is low OR more expensive because the supply won’t be available?
What’s the best way to store complete wheels? They will probably only do 10,000 Km over the winter and then get taken off and the summer wheels put back on so they will need to be kept for a few years.
Any recommendations for a good chunky winter tyre?

Cheaper to get them now I’d have thought. Your local ATS (truck obv.) may rent you space for them year round they do this service for car drivers, you’d have to buy the rubber from them I’d have thought. Otherwise just rent a lock up, watch they don’t get knicked!!

Most premium drive axle tyres should already have M+S markings, if that will suffice?

M+S are not winter tyres-just mud and snow

Mich xdw ice grip FTW. You’ll may need to speak to your financial advisor first though. :slight_smile:

I’ve bought several sets of car and 4x4 winter tyres from ‘‘Mytyres’’, always cheaper in the summer, direct from Germany they always arrive within a week.

I see from their site they offer truck tyres including winters.

Thanks for the replies, storage space isn’t a problem. I can find a corner of the barn to chain them to a post.
Could we lease tyres? would that be cost effective for only 4 months use a year?

I don’t think they lease winter truck tyres, mich lease tractor tyres but I doubt you could only rent them for 4 months anyway.

So it looks like he’s going to have to buy them. What’s the best way to store them when not being used during the rest of the year?

in a cool dark place, not stood up as it may create a flat spot, and deflated.