Windows media centre editon?

Anyone use it whats it about ?.

I think i,ll be having it soon just wondered what the difference is in that and XP PRO.

I ordered my new P.C. with the pc,s for employees scheme and this is what i get for £1300.

HP M7260UK Media Centre/19" TFT Monitor

Intel Pentium D processor 830

Speed 2x3.0GHz

2048MB memory (RAM)

200GB storage plus 300GB Personal Media Drive

Nvidia GF6600 256Mb graphics card

Plays and records CDs & DVDs (+/-, DL)

Lightscribe image burner

Hauppauge WinTV-PVR TV and FM radio tuner Watch & Record TV

HP Media Center Remote Control

9in1media card slots

Microsoft® Windows® XP Media Center Edition 2005

Microsoft® Works Suite 2005

HP Pavilion VS19 19" TFT Monitor

Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

Wirelss LAN 802.11 a/b/g]

It seems a very good deal getting a P.C. on weekly payback but with no interest 3 years warranty and a final payment of £10 + vat.

It’s just XP with a different front end on it for playing and watching your media files, music, movies, photos etc. You can skip the Media Edition bit and just go into XP as normal if you wish.

:slight_smile: cheers Neil.

all in all the improvement are very slight and it has been brought out just after apple released front row with there newest machines

you can read more about this on apples website as well as read about the new ipods :smiley:

that is if you rate apples computers i personaly prefer them but they take a little while to get use to

Ive never used an Apple and dont think i would basically because i like gaming and the compatibility is an issue AFAIK.

true they do
not enough software is made for them