Wincanton containers southampton?

anyone work for said company, im a owner driver with couple of vehicles, have been offered work on the containers out sotton spoke to a few people i know that work on containers but theve never done anything for wincanton, but one driver i know did say they will promise you work 5 days week but you dont get that obviosley they get there own drivers out first
any info much appeciated you can pm me if you rather


You’ll find that whoever you sub-contract for will work their own fleet first, they’d be foolish not to as fixed resource has to be paid for whatever.

Was talking to a Wincanton guy that I know in Soton docks last week. 10 of their drivers have been made redundant this week and they are moving operations from Southampton to Greenham Common.

As far as the full time guys are concerned it looks like they are taking on more and more subbies as getting rid of their own guys.