Wilkinson/Canute @ Worksop


i hear good things about wilkos at worksop and would interested to find out more from the horses mouth as it were, anyone work there?

anyone able to give me and contact detials -teh canute website is ■■■■■■

anyone know about pay hours etc etc.



I used to work at B&Q Worksop and spoke to a few of the Wilkos drivers they seem happy enough expect to do at least 12 hours or more every shift the money is apparently quite good too thats all i can tell you really.

I do regular agency work there.
doubt I`d consider working for em full time unless I was desperate.
the pay is only around £21.3K for 48hrs
the work is steady enough, you generally do 2 store per day, wilkos manton - wilkos shop, then return with empties/rubbish, tip the rubbish out yourself at the skips, then drive around the yard to the warehouse and tip the cages etc. then you repeate to another store, 2nd run is generally rtn empty but not always, as the driver doing, say hinkley 1 will have a back load so the driver for hinkley 2 will bring back the rubbish etc.
However I regularly find myself running with overspill loads to 2,3, or 4 stores on the same trailer & returning empty
the stores they cover are in an area from newcastle in the north east, workington/cockermouth in ■■■■■■■■ lancs, staffs, North wales, the midlands down as far as coventry, rugby & the A14 corridor, east anglia plus southend
you generally find yourself doing the same 2 stores M-F then rotate the following week to another 2 stores

but the working hours is what see most drivers exiting out the door on a fairly regular basis, the job is regular M-F work mainly late morning / afternoon starts for the day shift but also they alternate days & nights, the night shift rairly work more than 38hrs, there are guys doing 12hrs Mon-Thurs, but theres soon to be a change so everyones on the day/night rotation
as far as I know there are only 12 drivers who do nights out, and overtime is limited to saturdays

Talking to one of our Worksop drivers about this depot a couple of weeks ago.

He’d worked there and he said he wouldn’t go back.

Said it was relatively easy but the motors were in a terrible state.

He was particularly critical of them robbing drivers seats out of newer motors and putting them in ones that were being got rid of where the seats were worn out.

I went to an interview at Canute at St Ives for brick and block work a few years ago. They offered me the job, but I didn’t take it because the money was crap. On paper at least.

A mate of mine also got offered a job and took it. He was there for six months before leaving because he was fed up with Canute’s ‘You WILL do this, or else’ attitude.

Of course this is another depot, but I just thought I’d mention it.

Good luck.

I have worked for Canute down south, and also here in the north, I would not work for them on a permanent basis.

1/2 the trucks at wilkos are in the process of being changed for new trucks.
but in the interim, they have swopped some of the 03 - 05 plate trucks for older Y and 51 plate trucks from DC2 at magor, I understand these will be swopped in the next few months for new 07 plates. I regualary drive 53 - 55 plate trucks, yes they get use/abused, but defects seem to be sorted immediately, thats if they don`t crash em :unamused: