Wide load help

We’ve been asked to move a load that is 17’ wide as this is over 4.3m then C+U regs give way to STGO as I understand it is merely bulky rather than weighty. Is this a viable proposition for a one off or would it mean retaxing our unit for STGO CAT1

I’ve had a quick look at section 44 of the Road Traffic Act :unamused: but thought it might be quicker to ask here for advice.


8 wheels, yes at that width your entering into dodgy territory. I always use myabnormalload.com as a guide, there is a section where you can enter all the details of the load which will give you an answer as to what you need. Definitely not one to take any chances with mate :smiley:

Cheers Mr Happy, that site looks like it could be useful I shall pass that along. I reckon we’ll probably turn it down which will be a shame as it would probably be an interesting movement.

All I know is that is from Foulness Island to Chelmsford and that I’d be required to lift it on and off our lowloader. It’s most probably a section of an aircraft, I’ve done a non abnormal aircraft section before it’d be good to get involved in something like this.

I’ll advise that we quote high as no-one else will do it for peanuts.

Another question, are there any rules regarding ■■■■■■ vehicles? I know they vary from professional pilot cars and vans to an ■■■■■■ van with a beacon but is there anything else to note?

PM me and I’ll tell you all you need to know ■■■■■■ wise, can advise on the load too but no point doing it in the main forum.


Thanks for the offer, I’ll be in touch if it gets off the ground. No pun intended :laughing:

can it be twisted so making it higher and narrower

Over 5m wide is STGO tax required, a VR1 notification to the Dept of Tpt (or whatever they’re called now), and definitely an ■■■■■■ required.

Plod will advise if he also wants to put their ■■■■■■ on it too, particularly in bult-up areas.

I’d ‘walk’ the route too.

Best of luck!!