Why two forums when there was only 1 before?

Just logged in for the first time and apparently there is the old Professional Drivers Forum (Interactive) and also the mother forum Professional Drivers Forum, of which the former is a sub-forum. Apparently you can create new threads in the mother forum as well as the sub-forum.

I don’t like the idea of having to check in two places for new threads or updated threads.

Apart from this the forum seems okay to be honest, don’t see what the issue that others are finding is.

The old forum? Look at the address bar on top and does it say “tnet dot discourse” or similar? If so Simcor suggests that is only temp and will be taken down later.
This is the new site and will be permanent. The old threads are very heavy in photos so are being transferred across and locked. Buzzer`s Davis thread is one. The old threads will be on this “trucknetuk dot com” site as a resource, but all new posts will be on the part 2 threads.

The above is absolutely, perfectly, accurate.
Except where I am wrong.

Of course I know it is the new site, but the old posts have been migrated.
I just don’t see the point in having the Professional Drivers Forum (Interactive) and also the Professional Drivers Forum. Having two distinct places to post is confusing.
Anyway, you were on my foe / enemy list on the previous site along with Winseer and Jakey, so I’ll need to look into that.

Ohh. Never mind. I daresay you`ll sort that out.