Why did I bother?

I don’t have much time for agencies generally (and none at all for this one) but it does make me wonder why I bothered getting a class 1 licence.

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Agreed, although it is probably like most of the big players whereby they advertise a posting that’s not all they claim.

Unless this is the sign of things to come with the DCPC.


Maybe that wage is OTE and you have sixty drops a day to do.

What exactly does OTE stand for? On target earnings, Opportunity to earn?

25k for 7.5 tonne seems alright to me even if it is London.

If it’s driver hire, it’ll be the “potential earnings gross before deduction of umbrella fees”.
I signed up at Dartford, havin been promised “unliimited weekends available” - only to be told "I had to do 5x8 hours 6am starts out of Sainsburys so I qualified for the weekend work “as overtime” - WTF? :imp: :open_mouth: , and got no work whatsoever once I insisted upon PAYE in any case…

“Conract work” - My arse! It’s monday-friday daytime work multidropping around london. DHL Boots were paying £12ph midweek via agencies two years back for rigid work like that, and I only left it after a handfull of shifts because I kept being called in for days when I asked for “nights & weekends only” like I always specify… :imp: