why all the moaning about newbies

Right i,m going though the motions on hgv licence spending lots of money to get there. I spend alot of time reading what many of you guys say about there being no work too many drivers how the wages are going south and blaming newbies for doing the job for peanuts just to get some experience. So lets think about this for a moment if i can not get a start because i need 2 years of experience and YOU are happy at your place of work and not looking to change jobs surely these so called company’s and agency’s are looking to employ experienced foreign drivers who can come to my country and get paid peanuts because they don’t have a family and a mortgage so therefore hurting your pocket as much as mine. I think you should encourage the newbies and these so called companys e.t.c should be asking for 2 years of experience of driveing in the UK what do you think posting.php?mode=post&f=2#