Who's on test in April?

John O’s good news reminds me.

Who else has got their test this month :question:

Let us know and maybe our positive thought-waves will just give you the edge to make sure you pass. We can also keep well away from that area, just in case :smiling_imp: , to give you a clear run of course :smiley: .

(Positive vibes :question: What is this, the Outer Limits :question: :open_mouth: :laughing: :laughing: )

Hi. My first post and I havn’t got my full license yet. The 7 day course starts on 26 April with the test apparently in Northampton. (never been there) .
Hopefully to pass or its big spendage on a retest.
Im going with a company called GATT in Hinckley Leices. if anyones got any views then id be interested to hear them. :confused:

Welcome to TruckNetUK Paul:smiley: :smiley:

Hope you keep us up to date as to how your training goes.
If you have any questions what-so-ever, then dont be afraid to ask away… thast what we are here for, to advise and help, so use us!!..(Ohh errr missus!! :open_mouth: :open_mouth: )

I myself, havent heard of Gatt training, but someone from up that way might have seen them about or know some more infoprmation. Its just a matter of time, until someone somewhere will know what they are like.

Good Luck Mate, and again, Welcome… :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Hi Paul & welcome again to Trucknet.
I did my training & test around Northampton {Class 1} which as some very interesting routes which I’m sure you will find out about. The main problem you have got or I found anyway was the Carlesberg Roundabout {Next to the Carlesberg Brewery} just watch out on that one as I dont thing anybody as heard of signals its like a free for all. Just take your time like I did & you will be OK. Your actual test will be taken at a place called Weedon on the outskirts of Northampton so you have got a nice drive into Northampton & back to Weedon.
If you want to email me or PM me if I can be of anymore help.

Good luck paul,I hope you pass m8 :wink:

Not as much as me and the missus hope i pass.
When (or if) i pass im planning to pop round the corner to a driving agency place as they seemed quite keen to see me when id got my license, tho i expect to get all the cruddy work at first.

Must admit tho. now ive actually committed to it, im starting to have doubts that ill pass. Even though on my trial drive i thought it was not nearly as tricky as id expected and i didnt clip a kerb once, which is apparently unusual as all id driven before was a ■■■■■■ van a couple of times.
Fingers crossed.
Cheers u lot.

Paul, we all feel like that mate… but dont let it get to you.
When we are driving the Lorrys about as learners, we try and think to ourselves about what it would be like to drive one day in, day out and without anyone sitting next to us telling us what to do, and believe me… Its Very Very Daunting. I know that what I do, but its just like anything else, once you get to know the vehicle, it will become second nature. Infact, ask some of the experienced guys, they have found it TAKES OVER as first Nature, and cars become second nature…

Good Luck with you Training and test Paul… we are all behind ya mate…
All the best

My second attempt at Class1 is 20th April 0845am at Wetherby, training with L&T Transport, Fitzwilliam.


Well the best of luck when the day comesand I hope the trainings going well. As you will no doubt know by now, any queries you may have just ask.
Any interesting or funny stories you may have, we would like to hear.

Paul I passed both my class2 and 1 at Weedon, it’s been lucky for me and I’m sure that it will be for you and I can highly recommend GATT, I did my ADR with them and if Bill is still there he normally taught class2, he was an instructor when I did my training at Parcel Force and he is wonderful. If you see him tell him Lindsey says hello. Good luck! :wink:

Its nice to have so much encouragement for new people from you ‘old hands.’
Now ive paid up and thought about it for a while im quite relaxed about it. Specially as theres apparently a carlsberg brewery nearby.
Thanks for the note about GATT. Is Bill a tall chunky bloke who looks a bit like Tommy Walsh from ground force ? if so, hes the one who took me for the test drive and he seemed genuinely decent. :unamused:

Bills a little old dude that, very calm and quiet you will meet him, they will meet up with their pupils at the sizzling sausage for tea. There is a Carlsburg at swan valley J15a M1, I don’t know any nearer but there maybe.

You cant miss the brewery its by the gas works near B&Q. If you come down with B&Q on your right, turn right at the roundabout & its on your right. :sunglasses:

Bit of a message frenzy tonight.

Bit of a message frenzy tonight.

Its a Saturday Paul. Most of us are out all week, so only online at the W/E. I’ve been around all week cause I’m off sick at the mo’. Normally I’me away for atleast a week n a half. Back to work next Wed, thank goodness, if it wasn’t for this site, I’de be climbing the walls even higher than I already am. :laughing: :laughing:

'Lo again. Does the lack of posts suggest that nobodys got a test in April ? (cept marketleader, and how did you do… :question: ).
Possibly only licensed drivers frequent the forums.
Or, maybe new folks dont want to say for fear of jinxing the test.
Whatever. My tests on the on the 7th of May and unless im utterly evastated by the result :cry: then ill post my pass or fail here to either console myself with your commiserations or (fingers crossed ) bask in the sincerety of your praise :laughing:

As an aside. Did a week at Magna Park (lots of you will know it) loading boxes into the back of TNT trailers. Turns out that after one hours ot each day id earn more than the regular staff loading. Mostly new to the UK but certainly working for a living and very friendly. Are the drivers paid as badly as they were nowhere to be seen. This was all class 1 stuff but TNT run all sizes afaik.
Paullly. :wink:

Best wishes for the 7th Paul, am sure if you are well prepared and totally focused you’ll be successful.

Keep those nerves in check…take your time with the exercises…slow down and enjoy the ride, the examiner wants you to show him you can be safe and have a good understanding of all you’ve learnt. People can fail for the most stupid daft reasons and it’s too important, expensive to mess up on the day by forgetting the basics.

Am sure you’ve got everyones best wishes, no jinx mate…just keep your head straight and you’ll be fine.


Oh and I passed on the 20th, at my second attempt.

Just a quickie to all those who replied with support and " good vibes ".
Did the cat c test on Fri morn. PASSED with 4 minors so was really really pleased as my practice 2 days previous was (zb) poor. Saying thanks to the folks at ATT in Hinckley and to Terry my instructor who always was confident that i could do it.
Thing is, i really fancy a go in an artic now… :laughing:

language edit if it needs stars to get past the censor it means it’s not allowed :wink: mrs mix

:smiley: :smiley:
Well Done, Paul
Some recent postings on here would suggest that to continue your training straight away for Class One whilst your brain is in ’ test - mode ’ seems to work for most people.If your finances, etc. will allow , why not give it a go ! :sunglasses:

Oh well done Paul… well chuffed for you mate… and I know how you must be feeling, as I passed my class 1 on thursday… hee hee… Dont it feel Great??.. :wink: :wink:

Well, if your funds allow, go straight for the class 1 now mate… and you wont look back…

Congratulations Buddy, and good luck with the class 1… :sunglasses: :sunglasses: