Who goes where w/c Mon 17/03/08

So where is everyone going :question:

got a load to redruth from grantham and then ■■?, he was working on a back load when i left yesterday

nights due to easter (well he gets friday and monday off) so im st helens then tescos crick :unamused: crap start to the week :smiling_imp:


Off to the home of rugby!! full load to twicker’s stadium for there new stand upgrade

whats the chance of a snoop round :confused: errrrr not holding my breath :smiley:

hellooooooooooow every body. im new here so please bear with me if this ends up in the wrong place. ive got load on me back from fri,(scrap) so ive got tip that at brightlingsea,essex,then to colchester,reload,take that down to boreham,(near chelmsford) tip, and reload out of the same place, up to lenwade,norwich,tip, and then reload up that way for tilbury,get that on me back and that will be my 1st,port of call tues morning. :wink:

I have a load of scrap metal going to Sheffield. Do you remember when there were steel mills and factories in Sheffield?

Now we have to import other countries lathe turnings & floor sweepings :open_mouth:

Just realised with a late start on Monday and an early finish on Thursday I need everything to go smoothly in Gaul

4 drops torino :wink: :smiley:

out monday morn at 4 am, back thursday/friday
via Brodick (isle of arran) Helensburgh Dunoon, Lochgilphead , Cambeltown , Oban and Fort William

leave early sunday to get 2pm norfolk line if i dont have to queue on the M20 again!!!. 7 drops northern germany ending up in berlin tuesday night wednesday morning, no idea of a reload yet but home friday. lets hope this week is better no thanks to the french. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

out monday morn at 4 am, back thursday/friday
via Brodick (isle of arran) Helensburgh Dunoon, Lochgilphead , Cambeltown , Oban and Fort William


In at a customers via the agency all week,but haven’t got a clue yet as to where I’m going.


Athens for a concert, taking instruments etc :smiley: :smiley:

Ive been doing the same run night after night for nearly 2 years and i swap on monday ,load coalville then tip at sheffield ,tip at leeds and tip at doncaster then back to base, should make a nice change :smiley:

fly to madrid monday morning, drive truckd for a load out monday night and fly home tuesday, lovely jubbly!!

hoping for a night or 2 later in the week to keep me ticking over

Load Ardooie midday. Easy as long as the French are playing this week :unamused:

for the 1st time this year i dont know my truck is in for pre mot and test on monday but no doubt it will be a france for a few deliviers thn home for easter

1st job on Monday, 29 tonnes of beans ( :blush: ) to Facenda in Westbury Wilts.

heston 9am monday then to? anywhere

got to tip bridgewater monday 8.00 then reload yeovil on locals for a few then up to aylesford (kent) god only knows from there lol :laughing: :laughing:

Day off Monday start Tuesday night -CCE to a Tesco most likely then anywhere in the UK

Tilbury to NW10, bet you lot are all where you gotta be before me :laughing: :laughing: