Who goes where w/c Mon 13/11/06

So where is everyone going this week :question:

no idea until I get in on Monday, but suspect it will be local

got a week doing multi drop for sheffield insulations

I just know Im gonna regret doing it, I wonder if Ill get past monday without walking off

Shipping out to Denmark for three weeks running Christmas trees back to the Hook . Jingle Bells…

1200 Lynx Nuneaton all week :cry:
mind you its only 2 mins up the road :smiley: :smiley:

Belgium :frowning:

Enough Said

back to work :frowning:

6 drops around the festering streets of nottingham starting at the coop :smiling_imp: then a trailer swop in mansfield :smiley:


Load and go Stallingborough, reload Brigg. :cry: :cry: :cry:

Oh well, think of all the kip… :unamused:

Looks like a DHL week with a Dublin run on Weds/Thurs.

Just confirmed an 09:30 start in DHL Hatfield on Monday.

dont know yet till mon :unamused: :unamused:

cradley heath possibly with a flat trailer :open_mouth: then back to notts for a load to didcot in a curtaiansider :laughing:

Primark on Magna park for 8am then god knows

Load Corby Glen on monday morning for Jenkinsons at Clifton Moor(anyone know where there yard is please?).
Then into Carlisle so the Fleet manager can assess the damage to the unit and trl (which was graffiti`d LAST YEAR!!)
I might finally get a respray :unamused: :smiley:

Load Corby Glen on monday morning for Jenkinsons at Clifton Moor

is that the clifton moor in york JB ?

No andy its in penrith mate. I know they own the truckstop so i might have to ask in there
I`ve just had a look on autoroute and i think it must be moor lane, clifton, penrith.

First load Wawa PA…Then who knows.

0730 Northampton. Don’t know where in Northampton. It’s a surprise! :smiley:

After that, :question: :question:

i loaded saturday night from london, now at friends in doncaster en route to edinburgh, but i donthave to be there till tuesday, nice and easy!!

Tate n Lyle, Silvertown. Same run everyday, mon-fri. Not everyones cup a tea but it suits me. No greif of stupid tms

Monday I have about 5 drops around Reading and Newbury. Mostly huge TV sets to Hi-Fi shops and similar. No idea where I’ll be for the rest of the week (the routes don’t come out until late in the previous day).