Who goes where w/c Mon 04/02/08

So where is everyone going :question:

Birmingham for me

italia 1 drop turin :smiley:

looks like

Mon, Lambs to Merthyr
Tue, Lambs to Launceston
Wed, Workshop for Safety Check/Service
Thurs, Lambs to Launceston
Fri ■■

Go to Dublin on Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

Come back from Dublin on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Run off tomorrow for an early Monday Darlington.

Hope the weather’s nice up there. :confused:

Denis F:
looks like

Mon, Lambs to Merthyr

Is that a bit of coals to Newcastle■■?

:smiley: day off to reduce my WTD hrs :smiley:

belg NL & Germany reload tuesday in Belg change around wed morning for more of the same

nowhere :sunglasses: on the plus side

on the downside im housewife for the week whilst the misses goes on some union course :cry:


Warwick and then who knows… :slight_smile:

Nowhere for a week :laughing:

A brewery somewhere in the U.K. :confused:

Just hope its not Burton again :imp:

B’ham to Manchester all week doing 2 loads a day of block paving and the associated kiln dried sand etc to a big new warehouse in Trafford Park

i shall be in my usual location in berkshire on trolley duty as job i went after today had gone

Wittlich, Deutchland. :slight_smile:

tip havant midday monday ,load littlehampton for swiss. :smiley:

load TRW Frankley Sunday
tip Gelsenkirchen Monday
hopefully quick reload and back Tuesday by 1800 to do photoshop course


Newport for 8am to tip out MT Kegs then load @ Magor for Bristol (really glad i bought autoroute 2007 with the whole of europe on it, it’ll come in real handy on monday :unamused: :laughing: )

off till either wednesday or thursday depending on how i feel, just have to travel to manchester by thursday lunchtime to run a 9 hour break load up and a massive drive to shefield (i think i may even have a whole day to do it!!!)