Which training centre?

I’m going to start training soon but who with■■?
I live in Kent and as far as I’m aware I have a choice from Kent Metro, Mainstream, Gordon Springate or Sterling.
Can anybody recommend any of these or are there some others that may be better? :question:

1st of all welcome to trucknet There’s a guy on here called margatemafia( wayne to his friends) he ain’t got many of them :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: .He is from that area and it might be worth sending him a pm to see if he can help you out.good luck :wink: :wink:

Amber Driver Training
sitebuilder.yell.com/sb/Displayc … 8822000040


Few more in Yellow Pages,

Alan’s HGV is another i can think of.

I can’t, but I’m sure someone in the area can. Just like to say, Welcome to TruckNetUK :wink:.

Welcome to TruckNet UK jj and good luck
with your training and test when you find a
training school :smiley:

welcome and good luck with the training

Dont go with Sterling :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation:
Although I did my training with them ,and passed both first time,I would’nt recommend them.
They give you a very nice brochure with all the spiel in it prior to you paying your money up,a proper artic on the front cover when in fact you do your training in an Iveco Cargo with an excuse for a trailer on the back (drawbar)
You spend most of your time having cups of tea somewhere(I like tea :laughing: )and I really think that once they have your money they could’nt give 2 ■■■■ s whether you pass or not.
Best go with a firm that has proper scale Artics/Rigids not a transit with a caravan on the back :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Oh, by the way Welcome to Trucknet :wink:

Some questions to ask before you part with your money:

  1. Are you DSA registered? If not, why not?
  2. What is your pass rate?
  3. What is your training ratio? (1 student to 1 vehicle, or more).
  4. What is the vehicle I would be trained on?
  5. Can I come and have a look round?
  6. How long have your instructors been instructors?
  7. Can I have an assesment lesson with the instructor I’ll be learning with? (You’ve got to get on with them, right)?

Sometimes, it pays to get through your test the easiest way you can, because really, you start learning agin once you get into the real world.

Anyone care to add anymore?

Oh,Youre sooooooo sensible Lib :laughing: :laughing:

Good advice though,just wish I’d done that,was just a bit desperate for my licences I went with the first one that came along and spent near on 2 Grand.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing :wink: :wink: