which one ?

i have been looking for a new job for a while now , to give you some background , i have been driving class 1 for 23 yrs now , 12 yrs doing spain ,
at the moment i am driving for a big diy chain and look like a pip
the moneys crap but the job is easy !
i have been offered 2 jobs int it always the same :unamused:
job no 1 is driving car transporter which i have never done but they are willing to train me , scotland alll the time 2-3 nights out a week , really good money
i really dont know if i would like this job as i keep looking at them rigs and shaking my head , arent they too high ? how much of a pain is it loading them ?
JOB NO 2 - going back to spain which i love , back on the anything down , tiles back , away for 2 weeks at a time give or take a day or 2 , nice new big daf good food , money not as good as car job ,
to add to this i have been doing uk only now for 2 yrs and sort of got use to being at home at weekends and even got a sort of a hobby going something i have never had time for before , no not another woman !!!
so which is it , i have put both jobs off for a week till i think about this , all answers taken note of and then ignored :laughing:

If your really having trouble deciding try making a list of the proโ€™s and conโ€™s of each job, then make list of your own priorities and see which job fits the closest.

If you cannot be arsed with that, flip a coin, eany, meany, miney, mo, etc
:unamused: :smiley:

what did your heart say :question: go with that :wink: good luck better doing something you like for less money than doing something you hate for a few quid extra. :wink:

Money isnt every thing go with your gut feeling, like you say tho them car transporters look like hard work in the elements loading and unloading.

which ever good luck with it porkifer