Which companies are training their own drivers?

Hi guys, I’m sure this has been done to death, but which companies out there are taking on staff and putting them through their class 1s? Stobarts is backed up and I’ve tried at Swains, I’m doing all sorts at the moment including driving forklifts, but I’m desperate to get my foot in the door somewhere, can anybody suggest any companies that would put you forward for HGV training or might be likely to? I’m in the North West area, I’ll end up paying for it myself if I can’t find anywhere but if I can find somewhere that’ll train you with the potential of a job as well then that’d be win win.

am afraid you better start saving the pennies and pay for it yourself cos that’s la la land to find someone that will do all that for ye

It is possible my boss paid for my 7.5 at 18 and my hgvs at 21 I knew the family though only ever saw my boss in passing but he knew I was a grafter and he’s one off them his way or no way. Now I don’t know any different half the drivers he’s had couldn’t handle the graft but I know no different so it paid off for him. (And me obv) put the feelers out to small family firms show some enthusiasm and willingness to learn and you may get lucky. I imagine what happened to me is as rare as rocking horse ■■■■ so I’d start saving just incase good luck though.

There are firms out there who will put you through. One if our regular sunnies out his driver though class 2 and paid for class 1 but was reimbursed. My boss has offered to pay for our yard bloke to do his class 2.

Far morons offer some sort of training as far as I know. WilmottsDJB have paid for training for a few of their drivers in the past to skill up to class 1.

It’s our there if you’re willing to look and put the graft in for your employer.

That or join the TA and get skilled up while getting paid

Thanks for the replies, I’ve started saving for it, I’ve tried the TA and the Raf but unfortunately neither will take me with asthma even on transport. The only one I could find that say they train their own are Swains and I’m waiting to hear from them. I’m trying for a job anywhere at the moment on the yards to get my foot in the door so I’ll just have to crack on with that for now!