Where's Wolfie (why can't I use the same title twice grr)

Where am I parked up for the night? Couple of clues…

Its just off a major road which alternates from 4 lanes to 3 to 2 and sometimes 1.

Stagecoaches once used the bit we’re parked on.

Not a clue, but looking at it makes me feel like I’ve just dropped a tab of acid (whoa… pretty lights duuuuuuuuude…) :partying_face: :crazy_face:

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A1 s/b just south of Grantshouse?

Very good indeed, its the Cedar caff ox-bow layby at Grantshouse. I expected to have to dish out a few more clues there.

I parked there a couple of weeks ago so recognised it :+1:

Pleased to see it is still going strong. I parked up there a couple times a few years back after being advised of it by Simon and others.

They were even prepared to stay open a little longer to feed me after I called them coming off a Channel ferry. In the event the extension wasn’t needed when I made it during normal hours. :joy:

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