Wheres Wolfie? Solved Tonka236

And where else was I this week?


Nope :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

Binfield Berks ?

Nope :frowning:

Brackley industrial estate ?

Nope, nowhere near

Ironically it looked really familiar yet took an age to place it.
Have parked on the right hand side several times which I blame for throwing me.

But then again, thankfully the van on the left hasnt moved much since goole streetview went through. Didnt think the truckstop was that far over from the top of the road…

Errrrrr… :neutral_face:

I was going to let this continue but Larsen Road, Goole

It seems I need to be a lot more subtle though :wink: :wink:

Yes it is!