Where we are?

Right, its been a while since I reported back to you lot what we are up to and any plans or ideas we are thinking of, so here goes,

Start of with the boring stuff …

TruckNet UK has doubled its page views in the last 12 months, and for the first time we broke through the 1 million page views a month. Its no secret that being part of a large organisation we have a number of (Warning corporate speak coming up) key performace indicators (KPI’s) to reach, Well we have smashed through every target set for the website.

Reed Business Information owns and runs 100’s of websites around the globe, TruckNet UK is easily one of the fastest growing community websites that RBI possesses.

What does this growth mean
Growth means income, and in this enviroment income = investment, you may have noticed that the adverts on here are growing in number, and from major companies and government departments. This gives us some leeway to invest in the website.

There is a project underway now to completly rebuild TruckNet UK, I have had the initial meetings with the developers and the comments posted in the feedback forum were a major part of that discussion.

The new website will have many added features, including a chat room that doesnt ■■■■, a facility to upload photo’s direct to a post or to your own gallery.

The front page of the website will integrate news from www.RoadTransport.com but will also carry unique articles for TruckNet UK and from Truck & Driver journalists.

The Jobs section on the forums will disapppear, in its place we will have a searchable database of driving jobs offered.

Diaries and blogs, we will be hosting free blog space for those who enjoy writing diaries.

TruckNet UK will be at both Peterborough TruckFest and the CV show at the NEC this year, drop by the stands and say hello

and finally a POSSIBLE project that I am pushing for, is for Truck & Driver to be available online, as a new issue hits the news stand registered members here will be able to read on the web, in a magazine format the previous issue,and refer back in the future to articles.

if this project comes off and funds allow I hope to push to get the old TRUCK issues on line too, but this project is still very much in the “talking about stage”.

I know from conversations with many of you that you are happy and familar with the current format of the website. but we cannot get away from the fact that it is old and the system behind the scenes is at some point going to struggle with the load. making the upgrade to a new website allows us to straight away offer more facilities and services to you, the website user, and gives us far more scope to add extra goodies in the future.

Over the next few months as we start the design and upgrade process it may seem I am bombarding you with questions, this is simply to ensure we build what you want from the website, please take the time to answer the questions and give your opinion. We can only build what you want if you tell us what your wants are