Where was Inselaffe? Solved by DCB TRANSPORT


Sorry, ROG :frowning:

looking at the reg plate on the mondeo, i’d say somewhere in Scotland, thou apart from the car reg, it doesnt look like it is, so a total stab in the dark, uummmm Salisbury

Oh looks so familiar aswell but i can’t place it, this is gonna do my head in until lonewolf solves it :laughing:

you are on framwellgate peth in durham heading towards the city centre. at the roundabout in front if you turn left you go over the bridge over the river weir and up towards gilesgate. :smiley: :smiley:

Spot on, mate :smiley:

The cathedral is just visible behind the trees on the left.

My old junior school is the light coloured building just to the right of the roundabout (bloody luxury flats now :imp: )