Where was I yesterday? [Solved by Martin and happysack]

Two pictures, one should help you to get the other;

Thats my office with the curtains open by the way!

First one is M62 looking at Scammonden Reservoir…

Second one is somewhere near :unamused: :laughing:

Could be Overland Park at Gildersome?

agree with 1st one ■■ not a clue about 2nd one

Spot on with the first one, couldn’t get too choosy with the photo there, especially with the wind!

The second one is further on for sure. I dropped at Normanton, headed past the reservior, went M6 North and joined another motorway to get to that collection.

Any help?

I did make that photo a bit harder to make up for the easy first shot.

Nobby dingle dangles…er somewhere…skem??

Nobby dingle dangles…er somewhere…skem??

Bingo! SCA Skelmersdale.

I had to take bog roll out, which is a shame. For some reason there was a supercube full of Wagon Wheels in the yard!