Where was I having a brew?


what road?

and for a bonus who had i just dropped at (to do with my line of work)?

lonewolf try and give others a chance :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


and a theatre? :wink:


no where near

and a theatre? :wink:

good guess but no cigar


Lonewolf Yorks:

you know dont you mr lonewolf?

pm me if you want and i’ll tell you if youre right or not, if youre not i’ll post your answer but if you are we’ll keep it between us for a few days or so!

Bristol…more specifically Avonmouth industrial estate not sure of the road name tho :frowning:

looks a bit like team valley trading est, gateshead to me. but i have been known to be totally wrong before. :smiley:

dogs the closest

avonmouth way oppisite third way ■■

woodys right (lonewolf got it first but he always does) but what was the company i was delivering to?

stage electrics third ave

well done woody,

you have won as many cups of water from your own tap as you want!

why thankyou lee but i dont trust the water in fareham so ill pass but glad i won wahoo :laughing:

All the water in Fareham is passed by the the local water authority employees.
thanks harry long retired.