Where Was I ? 24 Done

Where Was I ?

Looks like a german Autobahn

No, its not Germany.

BELGIUM ■■?; feluy ■■

Its not Belgium, Pete.

is it the A1 in France?

It is France, but, not the A1

France A6 north of Macon ■■

No its south of Macon Richard.

just off ST CY sur Lorie A26–E

Not sure where that is Pete, but its not right. This is Southern France.

Then it is by the other Marcon, you say ,
let us try a wild one and say,on the A-40
;E62/E21 by BOURG-ON-BRES■■?;
BY the way there are two marcons ,
one is not far from Le-Mans.

No not there Pete.

In that photo I was just past a large-ish French city & one of the smallest countries there is is not far away.

Saint Jean cap de ferral■■?

I looked that up Pete and that is the wrong small country to the one I was referring to.

You have to go 350 odd miles east from where you mentioned to where I as.

Also, to help things a little, the small country I mentioned is approx 110 miles south of where I was.


Very warm now Pete.
You need to go west-ish about 100 miles.


No, I am looking for quite a large place, city even.

your sat in that truck again thats better than a daf or volvo :laughing: :laughing: