Where to buy used tractor unit

Hi All

We are currently looking for a good used tractor unit to tow our raceboat around Europe and North Africa next season.

Having very little knowledge about trucks we need some help and advice on what to buy and where to source it.

We were hoping to get a 4x2 unit to tow our boat which weighs in at around 6.5 tons. We will be spending most of the road time in Europe. Based on this we were wondering should we buy the truck in Europe, would it be cheaper? IS it better to be on the left side or not? One of our friends will drive the truck as he is currently converting his HGV2 to a class 1 licence.

Any advice on good makes (we like the look of Scania) would be much appreciated. Any good websites listing trucks for sale etc.

Thanks in advance.


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Buying a truck in the EU may be cheaper BUT if most of the driving is in Eurpoe anyway it makes sense to buy a left ■■■■■■. These sometimes sell cheaper in the UK as its a limited market. THere’s a magazine with plenty advertised, all I’ll say (to keep Lucy happy) is it has the initials CM for the title.

i am sure that we can mention commercial motor on here, i think rikki put a post up a few months ago regarding the limited offer of £1 per issue after it’s revamp.
if not i suppose this post will be removed anyway.
you can buy commercial motor from most newsagents or motorway service areas, it’s a weekly publication unlike truck or truck and driver which are monthly but they don’t advertise that many truck sales places.
you could also use a search engine if you type in truck sales you should get some joy.
if your only pulling 6.5 ton around all the time then you wont really need something too big in the horsepower department.
i don’t think you will get one in right hand drive but they do a 124/380 spec topline scania in holland, the dutch have quite a few of them.
shop around a bit, as for where to buy uk or abroad, you will probably find that europe truck sales are better value although almost all trucks will be left hookers.

if your friend doesnt pass i will gladly drive for you lol

[quote="Conor"THere’s a magazine with plenty advertised, all I’ll say (to keep Lucy happy) is it has the initials CM for the title.[/quote]

Although I understand why you put ‘CM’ instead of Commercial Motor (advertising rules and all that), but as Commercial Motor is a sister magazine to our Forum sponsor Truck & Driver, and therefore part of the same publishing company, why would it be against the rules to mention the names of the trucking mags from the same publisher■■?

I suggest trying chrishodge.co.uk/ he has a large stock of used trucks… Dont forget to mention where you got the name though!!!

As well as Commercial Motor (Possibly the best magazine for 2nd hand truck adverts) Truck Trader is also available from some shops/service areas